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Above & Beyond at Mansion Miami November 7th

     Mansion Miami: Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki make up the trance/vocal trance/progressive trance group known as Above & Beyond. Hailing from England, Above & Beyond have made themselves a staple in the trance genre since the early 2000’s. Ironically, they are one of the DJ’s/groups that started a record label before (or coinciding with) forming their group. In 1999, following Paavo Siljamäki’s advice, Jono Grant formed the Anjunabeats record label, which is where their first single, Volume One, was released.

Above & Beyond hasn’t always been known as Above & Beyond however – they’ve gone by the aliases Rollerball, Tongue Of God, Tranquility Base, OceanLab, Dirt Devils and even Free State at one point or another since the start of their careers. It wasn’t until an executive at Warner Music Group commissioned them for a remix that the group ultimately came up with the name Above & Beyond, which was actually the motto of a motivational trainer (who’s name, ironically, was Jono Grant). It’s a story that I hope Above & Beyond keeps and tells to as many people as possible because….well…it’s just a cool story (which you can read more about here).

Now what I personally love about Above & Beyond is they have an old school vibe to me and, not to shed light on what could be perceived as “bad”, but in 2008 they came in at #4 on DJ Mags Top 100 list – in 2014 they had fallen to #25. Now most would look at that stat and think negative – I, on the other hand, think it shows how they stick to their style and don’t waver with the fads and trends that come & go in this new age of electronic dance music.

Before heading off to EDC Orlando on November 8th, Above & Beyond will be performing at Mansion Miami on Friday, November 7th. After EDC Orlando Above & Beyond will only be returning to the U.S. once on this tour (February 6th 2015 in Los Angeles). So don’t miss your chance to see these legends! CLICK HERE to get your $50 general admission tickets or contact Mansion Miami VIP host Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626. This is a 21+ event and a dress code will be enforced. Doors open at 11pm.


Above & Beyond at Mansion Miami November 7th


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