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     FIFTY Miami: Hailing from Switzerland, DJ Ivano Bellini is no stranger to music and how it can move people – he’s a product of his environment. Inspired by his father’s jazz performances Ivano Bellini quickly found himself submerged in the world of music and, by the time he was 23, had already won first place in Switzerland’s National DJ Championship. I like to think this was Bellini’s “aha” moment – the moment where he realized music wasn’t just a hobby and he wasn’t just “average” at DJ’ing. I like to believe this because not even 2 years later Bellini packed up and made his way to South America and, shortly after, found himself in America’s melting pot that is South Beach.

Luis Puig (which should ring a bell) realized the talent Ivano had and, in 2000, tapped Bellini’s talents for his new venture, Space (now the world famous Club Space). The fact that Puig, a long time club promoter, recognized the talent that Bellini had is a testament to how good he truly is. SFP Records (Sounds For People Records) which Bellini co-founded in 1996 is still alive and well today – in fact, Bellini does marathon style sets named after SFP Records to this day (check out his Soundcloud for more).

On Friday, May 2nd Ivano Bellini will be playing at the one and only FIFTY Miami located at the Viceroy Hotel in Brickell (Downtown Miami). DJ Nikolas, Mikey Rawk & Javi C will all be in the indoor loft playing open format while Ivano Bellini, Roberto Patroni and Cris Rose Axxios will be out on FIFTY Miami’s outdoor pool terrace playing house. Get in free by saying “David Garay” at the door or CLICKING HERE for complimentary tickets (until midnight for the gentlemen and 12:30am for the ladies). Otherwise the cost of admission is $20, which we’re sure you’d rather put towards some nice cocktails. This event has a strict dress code, so dress to impress. No exceptions. For VIP reservations or general inquiries, please contact DAG Productions owner David Garay at 786-985-3520. Doors open at 10pm.


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