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Russia is known for many things – Vodka, the Russian Ballet, the infamous James Bond film Goldeneye….but above all, they’re known for their beautiful women. Russian women are envied by women all across the globe for their beautiful facial features and long, slender legs. Let’s also not forget about the strength Russian women have just by way of their pedigree. So what do you get when you bring a bunch of beautiful Russian women to Miami for a beauty pageant? You get Miss Russian Miami 2013!

2013 Miss Russian Miami November 21st

On Thursday, November 21st the Tatiana Restaurant will be transformed into a stage where over 2 dozen of Russia’s finest ladies will compete for the title of Miss Russian Miami! Hosted by Liza Kaymin who has been dubbed “The Russian Carrie Bradshaw” as well as actress, model and writer Julian Lanski, the 2013 Miss Russian Miami will not have a shortage of talent. Held at the beautiful Tatiana Restaurant in Hallandale Beach (just south of Hollywood), Miss Russian Miami 2013 kicks off at 8:30pm, giving each lady plenty of time to showcase her unique talents and abilities that will land one of them the title of Miss Russian Miami 2013 and the top prize of a $25,000 modeling contract!

During the event there will be a special performance by DJ/producer duo Y-M District as well as an afterparty with DJ’s Johnny Versace and Edward Indigo. Tickets are available by CLICKING HERE. VIP tables are also available. Please visit or visit their Facebook Page for more information.


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