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Kanye Wests’ DJ, half of Duck Sauce, the youngest DJ to win the DMC World DJ Championship – we could just go on and on. But whatever you know A-Trak by, you know he’s one of the greats. Hailing from Canada, A-Trak accomplished more as a teenage DJ than most DJ’s accomplish in their entire careers. A-Trak was the first DJ to win all three major DJ competition titles, which include DMC, ITF and Vestax. He was also the first DJ to win five World Championships. And, as we mentioned before, in 1997 at the young age of 15, he won the DMC World DJ Championship. And only being 30 years old, A-Trak has many many more years ahead of him. A-Trak is a master at his craft – mixing electronic music with hip-hop like they were meant to be one. And one look at the video above proves that.

So if you’re one of those people that loves to get your mind blown by otherworldly scratching and mixing then there is no other place for you to be Friday, January 25th than at LIV Nightclub to witness A-Trak melt the stage (and your eardrums for that matter). Tickets start at a mindbogglingly low $40, so as far as we can tell, it’s the cheapest legal way to get your mind blown at one of Miami Beach’s most exclusive nightlife hot spots. So what are you waiting for!? CLICK HERE to get your tickets!