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Cosmic Gate at Mansion Miami May 8th

     Mansion Miami: Fate. It’s a single word that brings about a multitude of reactions from those who hear it. But what it really boils down to is people either believe fate is real, or they don’t. What if you had gone left instead of right? Your life could literally be entirely different. One one fateful night, two Germans by the names Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems just happened to be in the same Cologne, Germany studio at the same time. Now you know this powerhouse duo as Cosmic Gate.

Now while their story may not be entirely unique to them (as many other duos and even trios share similar stories), they do have something that is unique to them – their sound. Starting off as a hard trance style duo, recent years have seen them opt for a more progressive style of trance – possibly for a change of scenery (so to speak) for themselves or because they feel their fans want that style of music – regardless, they’ve owned whatever genre they’ve decided to take on.

Cosmic Gate is even credited with having the largest jump forward on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s chart, jumping from spot #62 in 2008 all the way to spot #19 in 2009, quite an impressive feat. The duo are also “Tour Kings”, which is another way of saying they tour, a lot. Cosmic Gate is typically on tour 100-130 nights every year, according to their Wikipedia page. Now with a record label dubbed Wake Your Mind Records under their belt as well, Cosmic Gate is looking to the future of electronic music and beyond.

Hitting the sunshine state starting on May 6th in Jacksonville for a special 3 week US Tour, Cosmic Gate will eventually make their way down to Mansion Miami on Friday, May 8th! They won’t be alone however, as London’s very own Ilan Bluestone will be on the 1’s & 2’s as well. Tickets for this event are just $30 and can be purchased by clicking below. For VIP information please call 305-695-8411. Doors for this 21+ event open at 11pm. A dress code will be enforced, so dress accordingly. Party Responsibly.

To purchase your tickets CLICK HERE.


Cosmic Gate at Mansion Miami May 8th


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