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Candy Woolley Editorial: Author & Speaker Maggie Sova


Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial with Author Maggie Sova teaser

CW: What is your name & current occupation?
Maggie Sova. I’m the president of Diamonds2Destiny, author and public speaker.

CW: And before we forget let us also say congratulations on having your first book Spirit of the Eagle: How Keeping a Journal Will Lift You to Greater Heights published! Now that you’ve had work published, does it feel any different?
Yes, there is an excitement of accomplishment knowing you have achieved another dream and that a third book is currently in the works and soon to be completed and ready for editing!

CW: You also have a second book slated to come out titled Precious Jewels – tell us why you’re publishing a 2nd book and what it’s about.
“Precious Jewels” is an inspiring 31 day devotional where you will find precious gems of God’s word that will transform hope from what seems hopeless. You will be inspired by these devotionals to keep trusting and know that no matter what you are facing, you can discover God’s peace. As you discover knowing these jewels of truth in your moment of reflection, and experience the sparkle within, you will find your soul encouraged. Know that you are a precious jewel of beauty. Shine with brilliance!

CW: Where can your “Precious Jewels” book be purchased?
Amazon, and

CW: Maggie, as an author and motivational speaker, tell us what you hope people take away from reading your book and/or attending an event you speak at.
I hope others find encouragement, feel empowered and desire to live for His purpose.

CW: Where can people find your books?
Online resources and book stores can also order.

Maggie Sova with a Candy Woolley blue calf hair and silver croc clutch (available by special order)

CW: Is your background in writing/journalism or were there life experiences that ultimately led you down the path you’re on now?
My writing gift was inspired through journal expressing and prayer journalism. I had a mentor who counseled me and she encouraged me to write using “Dear God” prayers to express myself. In turn, my faith began to flourish as I felt my conversations flowed easily and freely and I witnessed an abundance of prayers being answered.

CW: Was the passing of your father a pivotal turning point for you?
Yes, the passing of my father caused me to become a stronger woman of faith and to work through the process of loss and grief and embrace the pain of losing a loved one.

CW: If you could only choose one – motivational speaking or writing books – which would you choose and why?
Motivational speaking for certain! I feel I come alive on a platform with an audience and there is a burning desire within me to speak to others and give them hope and lead them to their destiny.

CW: How often do you speak at events?
I speak monthly at various events and also provide private one on one consultations as my schedule permits.

CW: A great motivational speaker can quite literally change someone’s life with just a few words – what would you say are your 3 biggest points that you try and “hammer home” to women in attendance while you’re speaking?
You were created for purpose, it is up to you to use your talents and walk into your destiny.

CW: We know you founded Diamonds 2 Destiny, an organization based in Dallas, Texas where you live – tell us a little about the organization’s mission.
Diamonds2Destiny’s mission is to unite a diverse group of women globally to empower and inspire each other from all aspects of their life. We encourage women to connect and allow their paths to lead them to a successful destiny that brings fulfillment in their life’s journey.

CW: The Women That Soar organization awarded the Leadership Award for your mentoring & charity work back in 2012. How did it feel to be the recipient of that award?
It was a surprise and honor to be the honoree in the community. It has motivated me to desire even more and to keep soaring and impacting the lives of others to fulfill their life’s purpose.

CW: Attitudes & Attire is another organization you’re involved with. When did you become involved with them and why?
Five years ago I got involved with Attitudes & Attire. I believed in their mission and wanted to volunteer to be a part in making a difference in women’s lives. It is a non-profit agency dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency and provides the tools to help build the confidence necessary to develop successful life skills.

CW: What other charities/organizations are you involved with?
Buckner International, Baaldan, Women That Soar and The Source of Hope.

CW: Are you active on social media? If so, let the readers know how to find & follow you.
You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and on


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