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Whole Foods Downtown Miami Dessert, Wine & Cheese Tasting


     Whole Foods Downtown Miami: It’s 2015 (as if you didn’t already know) and everyone who knows anything about anything knows there’s a Whole Foods revolution going on in this country. Every month it seems a new Whole Foods is popping up somewhere in America and people are flocking to them. And for good reason. As Hannah Sentenac, a writer for the Miami New Times blog Short Order said “The Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami is a gleaming mecca of healthy eats and well-heeled patrons. From the shiny new floors to the pristine sneeze guards, the store is in the bloom of its youth, and everyone who’s anyone is flocking for their daily fix.

Whole Foods Downtown Miami

Whole Foods Downtown Miami, having recently opened their doors on January 14th (complete with a DJ in the store and all!), has quickly become yet another go-to spot for everyone looking to shed a few pounds (or to keep them off) by eat a little healthier all the way to those who have food allergies or want to know the food they are eating is GMO-free. Not even a month old yet, the store still boasts that wonderful “new store smell.” The Whole Foods Downtown Miami location also offers some unique to Miami amenities including Jugofresh where fresh juices, smoothies and vegan bites are sold and The MET cafĂ© where you can pick up a quick cup of coffee or espresso with an fresh empanada or croquette.

Produce at Whole Foods Downtown Miami Location

In an effort to further welcome the Whole Foods Downtown Miami location to our area and to make sure as many people as possible know about our new neighbor, our friends over at Our Brickell have teamed up with them to throw an awesome dessert, wine and cheese tasting on Thursday, February 12th from 5:30 – 7:30pm! As if you really need an excuse to try an assortment of delicious desserts, elegant wines and mouth-watering desserts that’ll make you forget about that diet you’re on, it’s a great way to meet and greet your fellow neighbors in Brickell as well. Your ticket purchase gets you 3 drink tickets for beer and wine from the beer and wine sponsors and tastes from an assortment of cheeses and desserts from Whole Foods. Plus you’ll be automatically included in a gift basket raffle! Tickets are selling fast, so get your tickets now below!

To purchase your tickets CLICK HERE.


Whole Foods Downtown Miami Dessert, Wine & Cheese Tasting


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