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Norma Now Presents PARADISE at Therapy Miami Feb 19th


     Therapy Miami: One of the most prolific nightlife personalities you can find in Miami is without question, Norma Moreno. Norma, commonly referred to as Norma Now (her Twitter handle is @Norma_Now) has been throwing events and parties in Miami for quite some time and she’s garnered quite a bit of attention in doing so. Why? One, of many reasons, is because one of her top priorities is highlighting local, homegrown talent rather than bringing in talent from other cities. After all Miami is chock full of talented individuals, are we not?

With a insatiable love for hip-hop it should come as no surprise that Norma has a particular affinity for events that revolve around the hip-hop culture, and her next event is exactly that. On Thursday, February 19th Norma Now will be taking over Therapy Miami for PARADISE. So what exactly is PARADISE? As Norma says it’s “a place where you’re allowed to be who you are without hesitation and rage as hard as you please. This is our house. We make the rules. We supply the soundtrack.”

Norma Now

So, what’s the soundtrack for this edition of PARADISE at Therapy Miami? Oh just a guy who goes by the name Trick Daddy. That’s right, Miami’s own Trick Daddy will be in the building! He won’t be alone however, as Chase B, an incredible hip-hop DJ based out of Houston, Texas as well as Micchecks and Dwbeatbeast who make up the Miami based duo STKMUP will also be in the building. And apparently Norma Now has some tricks up her sleeve because apparently there’s more artists and/or DJ’s who’s names have yet to be released to the rest of us. Just another way Norma keeps everyone on their toes.

This 18+ open dress code event kicks off at 10pm and goes until Therapy Miami shuts it down. Plus there will be an open bar from 10pm to midnight! So if the hip-hop scene is your scene, there’s no excuse for you to not be at Therapy Miami for PARADISE. Tickets are just $20 for 18+ and $15 for 21+ and can be purchased using the link below.

To purchase your tickets CLICK HERE.


Norma Now Presents PARADISE at Therapy Miami Feb 19th


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