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Kabaccha Shoes : The Next Generation In Men’s Footwear

     Kabaccha Shoes: A shoe is defined as “a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, with a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.” Shoes are something that, regardless of your race, place of birth, religion or ethnicity, you know what function they serve. Although the definition of a shoe is very transparent and uncomplicated, shoes have become anything but as time has progressed. What was once fabricated from scrap animal hide, papyrus leaves, string or anything else one could find is now manufactured using rubber, plastics and petrochemical-derived materials using high tech equipment and sewing machines. At the beginning of the above video Kabeer Arora asks “Can you think of the last time you bought a pair of dress shoes that weren’t black, boring and heavy? Where can a man go and find great looking, premium footwear and actually be able to afford it?” The short answer? Such a place (or brand) doesn’t exist. You either spend entirely too much for quality or you spend next to nothing for, well next to nothing. So where is that sweet spot middle ground? It’s with a brand named Kabaccha Shoes.

As a man who’s closet is comprised entirely of suits, dress slacks, dress shirts, dress shoes and all of the accessories, I can vouch for how difficult it is for men to not only find dress shoes they find aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to wear. It’s a never ending 4-way battle between quality, price, looks and comfortability. In the last few years, much to my delight, suits have made somewhat of a comeback. Even a quick scroll through a Pinterest fashion board is sure to include a few pictures of bearded and tatted men sporting jazzy colored shirts draped with a neutral colored sport coat/slack combo polished off with black or brown dress shoes. An entire outfit that is blooming with color – except when it comes down to the shoes.

Kabaccha Shoes

Coming from a long line of shoe makers, Kabeer Arora, a visionary and entrepreneur in Wynwood, Miami, has embarked on a mission to change that. Having spent what we’re sure would feel like an eternity for most people in shoe factories spanning every corner of the globe, Kabeer has been seeking the pieces of the puzzle in front of him. And now, he’s sure he’s found the winning recipe. “Kabaccha Shoes embodies the belief in being yourself no matter who you are or where you’re from, by giving you the freedom to express yourself the way you want” says Arora. By taking a new school approach to a seemingly vintage and mechanized industry, Kabeer has not only stumbled upon something with great potential, he’s created it.

So what is Kabaccha Shoes and what makes them so different from the thousands of shoe makers & designers out in stores? As the video shows, Kabeer wanted to create something that was not only unique and colorful but also lightweight and made with the highest quality materials. After searching far and wide in countries all over the world, Kabeer found what is now the central hub for his brand in none other than Milan, Italy. Constructed using premium materials and brought to life by Italian artisan shoemakers who have been honing their craft for centuries, Kabaccha Shoes prides itself in marrying price and functionality with style.

Kabaccha Shoes

The result? Footwear that is more than a pair of shoes, but rather an extension of the man wearing them. After countless hours, late nights and many designs, Kabaccha Shoes has finally created a line of footwear that is refined and ultramodern, yet still leaves just the right amount of margin for personal style – an element severely lacking in other brands.

So how does an unexampled footwear brand accomplish all of this? With your help. On Monday, February 2nd, Kabaccha Shoes will be launching a Kickstarter campaign where they aim to reach a goal of $25,000. Why $25,000 and why a Kickstarter campaign? As Kabeer explains it, “$25,000 is the price at which the artisan factory will be able to guarantee a certain price for the shoes. My brand is for the youth of our generation. My efforts are to make walking through this journey called life easier, fashionable and more comfortable for the young entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is a great example of ‘for the people by the people,’ so what better way to launch a brand that’s made for the people than by utilizing Kickstarter?” The campaign offers 5 different reward levels for backers of the campaign ranging from one pair of shoes + 40% off retail all the way to 9 pairs of shoes + 50% off retail for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

Kabaccha Shoes

In the end, the shoe speaks for itself. The price however, is where the real surprise is. The result of Kabeer’s drive and dedication to his craft has resulted in a $500+ dress shoe that will cost you less than $200 for the duration of Kabaccha’s Kickstarter campaign. Yes, you read that correctly. You get the impeccable attention to detail, the superior materials and timeless design in a myriad of superb colors and color combinations for under $200. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over however, prices will increase to $250 – $290 a pair. So don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of what is sure to be the next hottest trend in mens footwear! Add some color to your “sole” and click below to head to Kabaccha’s Kickstarter campaign!

CLICK HERE to go to Kabaccha’s Kickstarter campaign!


Kabaccha Shoes Kickstarter Campaign

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