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Erick Morillo at STORY Miami February 20th

     STORY Miami: Few DJ’s have been in the game for as long as and achieved as much as Erick Morillo. The 43 year old New Yorker had a major hit back in 1993 with the release of “I Like To Move It” under the pseudonym Reel 2 Real, which ironically is around the time many of the latest up and coming DJ’s we all hear on the radio now were born. And who didn’t love that track? It was played at every kids birthday party, was on every kids Walkman and was played at every dance. It was inescapable.

Having gone through quite a few transformations in his long career, the most notable (and scariest) one was on June 8th of 2013 where Morillo was playing at Quincy’s Ocean Club in Boston Massachusetts. At around the 45 minute mark Morillo had to be physically helped off the stage. Just 3 days earlier he was scheduled to play at Emporium in Long Island and reportedly didn’t show up at all. The culprit? Not taking care of himself along with incessant drug use.

After a brief absence from the public eye, Morillo finally released a statement saying “There comes a time when the body just can’t keep up with the hectic schedule and sleepless nights. Having pushed my body to the limits for many years, the time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being. I plan on returning stronger then ever to my passion of playing music and seeing you dancing on my dance floor. Until then, I like to thank all my fans for your enduring love and support! Hope to see you soon.”

Morillo was mostly absent from the public eye for an entire year as he refocused his attention on his health and getting better which included stints in the Passage Malibu rehab facility which is known for having high profile and celebrity clients. Morillo eventually started posting semi-frequently to his Facebook page to keep his adoring fans in the loop about his recovery. As a matter of fact, as of February 1st Erick Morillo has made it to the milestone of being 1 year sober! Something we commend Erick for as we know it wasn’t an easy journey.

Although we’re a few weeks passed that 1 year milestone, we’re delighted that on Friday, February 20th Erick Morillo will be back at STORY Miami! And from his latest Facebook post it seems as if Morillo can’t wait to step foot inside one of Miami’s most prestigious nightlife venues. Resident STORY Miami DJ, Mednas, will also be in the building along with Morillo. Tickets are just $40 for the ladies and $40 for the gentlemen. For VIP information please e-mail us at or call us at 305-290-4250. A dress code will be enforced for this 21+ event. Doors open at 11pm.

To purchase your tickets CLICK HERE.


Erick Morillo at STORY Miami February 20th


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