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A-Trak at LIV Nightclub Miami January 30th

     LIV Nightclub Miami: Our neighbors to our north (Canada…not the North Pole) have quite a bit that we don’t have here in the States – Beavertails (no not the animal), ketchup flavored Lay’s potato chips and universal healthcare to name a few. There is, however, one more thing Canada can take credit for that the U.S. can’t – Alain Macklovitch. Ok so it wasn’t so much a “thing” as a “person,” but we digress. So who is Alain Macklovitch? He’s a Moroccan/Russian born in Canada to Jewish parents and is arguably one of the best DJ’s out right now. But you probably know him as A-Trak.

32 year old A-Trak has been in the music scene since the late 90’s (but has been DJ’ing since the tender age of 13) and has quite a few special honors that no one else has including being the first DJ to win 5 DJ World Championships. But in the age of high-tech laptops, beat pads and the like, A-Trak tends to keep it old school, for the most part. And he’s one of the few DJ’s that still practices the art of scratching (video here). Some may argue that scratching is a thing of the past, but we say it’s not and it’s that precise skill set that A-Trak has that makes him an elite DJ.

And with a new mix out this month with Diplo & Friends it’s the perfect time to see A-Trak in action and you can catch A-Trak at LIV Nightclub Miami on Friday, January 30th! Ladies your tickets are only $30 and gentlemen your tickets are just $40, both of which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For VIP tickets and/or information please call 305-674-4680. A dress code will be enforced so dress accordingly. Doors open at 11pm.


A-Trak at LIV Nightclub Miami January 30th


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