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Spring Break 2015 Miami: Borgore at Mansion March 13th

     Spring Break 2015 Miami: In a scene dominated by DJ’s from the Netherlands it’s not too often you come across a a DJ from Israel, let alone one that has found a large amount of mainstream success. But don’t tell Asaf Borger that. Borger, better known by his stage name Borgore, is the man who can lay claim to being the best DJ to hail from Israel. Doing a quick Google search on Borgore, however, shows that house music wasn’t necessarily his first love.

When people think of Israel not many (or any at all) would think “hardcore metal”, but apparently it’s a thing in Israel and the man who would become known as Borgore was actually a big part of it. Before creating tracks like Ratchet, Can’t Squad With Us and Illuminati, Borgore was the drummer for the Israeli hardcore metal band Shabira. Although that may not be our type of music, if it gives us more DJ’s like Borgore, we’re all for it. (CLICK HERE to get a taste of Shabira.) But with Spring Break 2015 creeping up, Borgore has something else up his sleeve.

Currently on tour, Borgore will be making a stop during Spring Break 2015 Miami at Mansion on Friday, March 13th! Now although there are tons of events going on during Spring Break 2015 Miami, Borgore at Mansion is definitely one of the top events in our opinion. From the typical craziness one will experience at a Borgore show to Mansion’s massive 40,000 sq ft interior and their state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system, Borgore at Mansion during Spring Break 2015 Miami surely won’t disappoint. This is a 21+ event. Doors open at 11pm. A dress code will be enforced. For VIP inquiries please contact Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626.

To purchase your tickets CLICK HERE.


Spring Break 2015 Miami Borgore at Mansion March 13th


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