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Miami New Years Eve 2015- Nicky Romero at LIV

     Miami New Years Eve 2015: Miami New Years Eve 2015 is set to be the biggest one yet at LIV, Miami’s premier destination (along with STORY) for celebrities, high-rollers and those who wish they were. And as each year passes and a new year sweeps us off our feet, LIV Miami is there to guide us in the transition like no one else can – with one hell of a party.

Nicky Romero, born Nick Rotteveel van Gotum (try saying that 5 times fast), is only 25 years old but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Dutchman’s accolades and achievements. Romero’s climb to the top is the cliché story of knowing one person who then knows someone else higher up who in turn knows another person even higher – and so on and so forth. But we don’t mean that in a negative way. This is Miami after all – networking is everything here and, apparently, it’s the same in the music business. Once his track Toulouse hit the airwaves in 2012, it was all uphill from there. Romero also just released his new single “Let Me Feel featuring Vicetone back at the beginning of October so we’re anxious to see what else he releases in the near future. He’s also on his Protocol Reboot UK tour but – spoilers – he won’t be finishing his tour in the UK!.

Like we said in the opening paragraph, Miami New Years Eve 2015 at LIV is going to be insane. You’ll have not one, not two, but three DJ’s rocking the house for New Years Eve and those DJ’s are Nicky Romero, Arno Cost and LIV’s resident DJ, Mednas. Now remember back when we said who typically goes to LIV? Celebrities and those that typically have a decent amount of disposable income to spare? If you want to get in to LIV Miami for New Years Eve 2015, even for a basic ticket for admission, you’ll be digging deep into your pockets.

And if you aren’t a baller or celebrity, we hope you’ve been saving your pennies because even just a basic VIP for the night will run you a considerable amount more than it would on a “normal” weekend. VIP options start at around $6,000 for a lounge table for 6 which includes 6 VIP admission tickets, a magnum bottle of premium vodka, a bottle of premium champagne and waters & Red Bull for the table (and if you were hoping tip is included, it’s not). Really want to throw down for Miami New Years Eve 2015? Then the $50,000 dance floor table for 15 is what you’ll want

But regardless of how deep your pockets are or aren’t, you all will buy tickets at the same place. CLICK HERE to purchase your general admission tickets now before they sell out. For questions about or to book your VIP for New Years Eve 2015, please contact LIV’s VIP concierge David Gordon at 561-239-1200.

Party Responsibly this New Years Eve.

Want a good laugh? Check out this Instagram video from LIV Miami about their New Years Eve event.


Miami New Years Eve 2015- Nicky Romero at LIV


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