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Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial: Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath Owner Andrea Duran


Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial with Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath owner Andrea Duran teaser

CW: Let’s start off by telling us who you are & what your business is.
My name is Andrea Duran. My husband, Dasiel, and I are owners of a remodeling company called: Fresh Floor, Kitchen and Bath.

CW: What is your business website?

CW: When did you & your husband start Fresh Floor, Kitchen & Bath?
My husband started with flooring in 1996. When we got married, I started with the administrative part of the business. A few years later we expanded to include kitchen and bath remodeling. This is where I put my creative side to work.

CW: What was the inspiration behind starting the business?
Well, since my background and passion is in architecture we wanted to offer a design approach to remodeling as opposed to just selling cabinets and floors. We believe that people are overwhelmed by the infinite selection of products and information they have to sort through to do a remodeling project and we want to offer our experience and training to guide our clients from conception to the full execution of the project.

Andrea Duran of Fresh Floor, Kitchen and Bath modeling a Candy Woolley handbag

CW: What do you feel sets you apart from other businesses in your industry in our area? What separates Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath from the rest?
Our company motto is “Every Detail Counts.” We take time with every client to navigate through the whole process of a remodel; from selecting materials, designing and even during the construction. Since we do everything in-house (construction, electrical, plumbing etc) we can ensure the quality of work in anything we do from the ground up. Our dedication and pride in every detail guarantee our success in every project.

CW: Does Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath do both commercial and residential projects or do you specialize in one?
We have catered to residential and commercial clients since the beginning of the company. Our good sense of timing and finishing by deadlines has kept our commercial clients with us for over 14 years. We have a lot of repeat business from them. Our residential clients bring us new experiences and a chance to dream up unique spaces. Therefore, we can explore more options and provide a custom space just for them.

CW: Since you’re the woman in the equation at Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath it only seems natural for you to handle the design aspects of your projects – what is it about redesigning & remodeling parts of people’s homes that you love so much?
In design, there is a lot of listening to the client’s needs and wants. I like the challenge to go outside of my personal taste and explore other styles. It’s an opportunity to get creative using new materials and trends. Each project is unique, so it’s never boring. It’s always nice when people trust our professional opinion on creative decisions and a bigger satisfaction when they are happy with the vision that we brought to life for their home.

CW: Now since you clearly have impeccable taste when it comes to interior design work we have to ask – does that translate into having a knack for women’s fashion as well?
Thank you! I like to say that I put my creative side into my projects. For fashion, I don’t follow trends but I like timeless pieces in my wardrobe such as dress pants, dresses and boots. I like to mix these pieces with seasonal tops and pops of color with accessories.

CW: What would be the perfect weekend in your eyes?
New York in the fall! Shopping, going to museums, eating in ethnic restaurants and just walking absorbing the city life! I love big cities, and what’s bigger than New York!? Why fall? It’s a chance to dress in boots and coats but not too cold to enjoy the city.

Andrea Duran of Fresh Floor Kitchen and Bath with a Candy Woolley clutch

CW: Since the inception of Fresh Floor, Kitchen & Bath social media has taken over our society – do you utilize social media and, if so, how has it helped your business?
Definitely! It is amazing how easy it is to showcase our work through social media. People can see our portfolio and read our customer reviews in just a few clicks. This also makes for a more informed customer and easier conversation as to what they are looking for and what we can do for them.

CW: How can our readers find you on social media?
They can visit for our online portfolio and for job pictures and latest events at our showroom.

CW: What would be the best route for any of our readers to get in touch with you to get a quote on a remodel?
We can be reached at 954-443-0330 or 305-819-8825, by email at or by filling out the contact form at this link: To visit us in person our showroom hours are Monday-Friday from 10-6PM and Saturdays from 10-3PM, located at 1645 N. Hiatus Rd. Pembroke Pines, FL 33029.

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