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Bingo Players at LIV Miami November 13th

     LIV Miami: Since the mid-2000’s the Dutch duo known as the Bingo Players have been rocking stages and clubs all over the world and are a group we actively seek out during music festivals (such as Ultra) that we attend. Their sets are always highly energetic & in tune with the crowd, which, in my opinion, puts them a few notches above the rest.

Unfortunately in July of 2013 the world found out that Paul Bäumer, one half of the Bingo Players, had been diagnosed and was actively battling cancer. While Bäumer vowed via a Facebook post to continue to work in the studio with Maarten Hoogstraten (the other member of the Bingo Players) and to take more of an active role in running their record label Hysteria Records while simultaneously battling cancer, the disease proved, once again, that there was no match for it. Paul passed away shortly before Christmas of last year (December 17th, 2013), leaving Maarten as the remaining member. However, in the face of this unfortunate and untimely tragedy, Paul instructed Maarten to continue the work that the two had started, giving new life to the Bingo Players name.

This article is the first time we’ve written about the Bingo Players since the passing of Paul and, frankly, it’s surreal. We’ve had amazing opportunities to meet and chat with Paul and Marteen (albeit briefly) on numerous occasions while they were here in Miami and even after almost a year, it still doesn’t seem real. We hope that Bäumer’s family finds some small solace that his name, along with the Bingo Players brand, will live on forever in the form of music – music that has lifted and inspired tens of millions of fans from every corner of the globe.

With that said, we are ecstatic to announce that the Bingo Players will be performing at none other than LIV Miami on Thursday, November 13th! LIV will also have their resident DJ, Mednas, in the building as well. Tickets for this event are just $30 for the ladies and $40 for the gentlemen and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For information on or to book your VIP, please call 305-674-4680. A dress code will be enforced for this 21+ event. Doors open at 11pm.


Bingo Players at LIV Miami November 13th


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