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Drake at STORY Miami Halloween Eve

     STORY Miami: Aubrey Graham, who everyone now affectionately knows as Drake, has had quite a rise to the top over the last few years. He exploded into the music scene in 2009, ultimately signing to Lil’ Waynes Young Money Entertainment label, and literally hasn’t looked back since.

Long gone are the days of Drake playing wheelchair bound Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation and in are the days of seemingly unlimited cash, jewelry, women, sports cars and everything else you could imagine. BUT – and there’s a big one – he’s worked incessantly to achieve what he’s achieved in the few short years he’s been in the music business – and that’s much more than we can say for a number of other rappers.

Since the “Champagne Papi” sold his Miami condo a while back and bought a lavish mansion out on the west coast fans have been itching to see him back in the 305. Just hold on he’s coming home! Ok not literally coming home, but he’s coming back to Miami! Catch Drake as he hosts a special event at STORY Miami Halloween Eve! (Which is Thursday, October 30th for those that have a hard time keeping track of the dates.) DJ’s Iron Lyon and A Fly Guy will be on the decks accompanying Drake so get ready for one hell of a night that we imagine will involve a rather large amount of champagne being sprayed or consumed…or both. Probably both. CLICK HERE to get your tickets or call STORY’s VIP concierge David Gordon at 561-239-1200 to book your VIP for the STORY Miami Halloween Eve bash!


Drake at STORY Miami Halloween Eve


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