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Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial: Le Petit Cafe Miami Owner Christine Zenou


Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial with Christine Zenou teaser

CW: What is your nationality and which city were you born?
I am French and I was born in the south of France in Marseille.

CW: In 3 words describe Le Petit Cafe Miami.
Friendly, warm and very French

CW: How long has your restaurant been opened?
I opened Le Petit Café 3 years and a half ago.

Christine Zenou with the Equus zebra print day bag by Candy Woolley

CW: When did you discover you loved cooking?
You see, cooking is in my blood! When I was 9 years-old, I remember I cooked every Sunday for my dad. My mother was a really good teacher and learned a lot from her. Also, my brother runs a big hotel restaurant in France called Le Clos and I also thought about myself cooking.

CW: Glancing over Le Petite Café’s Foursquare & Yelp pages, everyone seems to love what you’re doing there. “Feels like being in Paris on Miracle Mile,” “Love this place” and “Le Petit Café’s Eggs Benedict secured it’s place on my brunch spot list” are just a few of the reviews we’ve seen. First I’d like to congratulate you on your success thus far and second, I’d like to ask what you think has made you so beloved in Miami and what are your keys to success?
My secret is that I’m 120% French. Even thought I left France, I love my country and I wanted to share my culture, the good food, the fashion and my French energy. I also sometimes give my customers a little private French lesson – they love to hear me speak in French!

CW: Choosing the right location for a restaurant could literally make or break the business, so what made you choose Coral Gables?
I have a real estate background and I can feel which locations are good or not.

Christine Zenou modeling the Vertex python medium clutch by Candy Woolley

CW: Of all the items on Le Petit Café Miami’s menu, what would be your absolute favorite and why?
My favorite meal is Beef Bourguignon because it takes 3 days to marinate and I make it with love. I enjoy good French bread with French cheese and a glass of red wine.

CW: Being from France, are there any delicacies you love in France but don’t include on your menu at Le Petit Café because you think it might weird some people out?
No. But there are some dishes I don’t do because they don’t taste the same, La Blanquette de Veau (veal), for example.

CW: I’m sure your business keeps you fairly busy, but when you do have spare time, what do you enjoy doing with your “me” time?
I like to discover new restaurants. I enjoy doing Pilates. I like spending time with my niece who just moved to Miami and going to the movies. Also, I love high-speed sports cars. I can drive Lamborghini’s, Porche’s, and Aston Martin’s!

CW: Now a little birdie tells us that you enjoy airplanes? Tell us a bit about what you love about planes. And, have you ever skied dived or would you do it?
I was married with a fighter pilot who first gave me the love of planes. And I haven’t jump yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

Le Petit Cafe Miami Owner Christine Zenou with a Candy Woolley Sahara clutch

CW: Has your fashion style changed since moving to Miami?
When I am at work yes. I wear black leggings, a black t-shirt and sneakers. But after work I’m 100% French style (sexy chic)

CW: While doing this photo shoot, we noticed you were very comfortable in front of the camera. Do you have any experience in the fashion industry?
Yes! Many years ago I was in the fashion industry and modeled for a French company called Aubade Lingerie.

CW: I wish we could go on but I’m sure by now people are dying to get to Le Petit Cafe Miami, so tell us what your hours are and what people can expect when dining at Le Petit Café.
We are open from 8am to 4pm during the summer season. During the winter season we plan to extend the hours and will be open for dinner. They can expect my good energy and my good food.

CW: Where can we find Le Petit Cafá on the internet or social media?
You can find us on YELP and on Facebook.

CW: What is your mantra?
“Cooking with love provides food for the soul”.

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