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Killaka5, OB7 and Vinni Soul at Club Space Miami September 27th

     Club Space Miami: Since its inception Club Space Miami has had heavyweights and newcomers alike as resident DJ’s: Boris, Chus and Ceballos, Carl Cox, Oscar G and Erick Morillo are a few that come to mind. And with the versatility of having the “Main Room”, “The Terrace” and “The BASSment”, Club Space has become as synonymous with dance music as the DJ’s previously mentioned.

On Saturday, September 27th in Club Space’s “Main Room”, they will have a plethora of DJ’s entertaining everyone. Killaka5 (pronounced Killa-kas) who was raised in Nicaragua and now calls Miami home will be in the building. Killaka5 actually left Miami a few years ago to pursue things in San Antonio, Texas but, as always, couldn’t leave Miami behind. And who could?! Miami is amazing! If we were forced to use three words to describe Killaka5, they would undoubtedly be graffiti, sneakers and music. From the other side of Florida, DJ Ob7 will be in the building all the way from Tampa. DJ Ob7 is an open format DJ who, ironically enough, listed his Top 10 house songs on his Facebook page on September 23rd, citing Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia as his favorite house track. So we’re going to say it’s safe to assume Ob7 might favor one genre over the rest.

Guests will also be graced with the presence of Vinni Soul, who’s just as badass as his name portrays. Vinni frequents Miami hotspots FIFTY Miami, Shots Miami and, of course, Club Space. And finally, the man everyone in Miami should know, DJ Radamas will be in the building. But that should come as no surprise considering he is a Resident DJ at Club Space.

Keep in mind, these 4 DJ’s will be in the Main Room. There are still events going on in The Bassment and on The Terrace.

So if you’re ready to have an epic evening filled with great music, CLICK HERE to purchase your $20 pre-midnight tickets or $30 pre-2am tickets for Killaka5, DJ Ob7, Vinni Soul and DJ Radamas! And if you’re looking to really have a great time, contact VIP host Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626 to book your VIP at Club Space. There will be a dress code enforced, so dress accordingly. Doors open at 10pm and the party doesn’t end until 7am! (So make sure you get a nap in before you go!)


Killaka5, OB7 and Vinni Soul at Club Space Miami September 27th


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