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Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial: Salon Owner Carole Flamant


Candy Woolley Fashion Editorial with Carole Flamant teaser

CW: How long have you been in the hair/beauty industry?
Since 1986, but I really started to design and create my work on clients around 1990.

CW: What attracted you to that field in the first place?
Beauty and design (My mother gave me horrible haircuts until I was 13 years old!)

CW: Who are some of the big name brands you’ve trained with?
The Masters Vidal Sassoon and Tony & Guy!

CW: Aside from “how to do” certain styles & the tips you learned, what else did training with the big brands teach you?
Well…to have aspiration to reach my dreams, always be forward with my visions. Professionalism is a must and consistency with my work ethics. Finally always reach for knowledge and education! (I need a strong body for all those long hours standing!)

Carole Flamant shows it's all about style, sophistaction & relaxtion at At Carole Flamant Salon De Beaute

CW: Now we know you were born in Canada, but we have a feeling that you didn’t go straight from Canada here to Miami. What other cities have you worked in doing hair?
I had the opportunity to do freelance hair design in Jamaica, Venezuela, and last but not least, Paris!

CW: A world traveler AND a businesswoman? That’s a deadly combination Carole! Of all your travels, what was your favorite destination?
Paris c’est vraiment magnific! I also love Rome!

CW: When did you start your salon?
October 8th 2013 (what a day it was!)

CW: What is your website address?

CW: What pushed you over the ledge into becoming an entrepreneur & small business owner?
First branding my name and expertise, but also my clientele was growing so much that I wanted to give them the right environment and service that they deserve. So because I am a perfectionist, I created Carole Flamant Salon de Beauté!

CW: Now your salon, aptly named Carole Flamant Salon De Beauté, is located in Coral Gables – what was it about Coral Gables that attracted you more so than, for example, Brickell, Wynwood or Midtown?
This location is unique because it is in Coral Gables, and in the heart of South Miami. It is very central, and I have worked and built most of my clientele here. I wanted my clients to have easy access to the salon.

CW: If you could describe your salon in three words what would they be?
Personal, professional and precise.

Carole Flamant with a lime green Candy Woolley clutch

CW: What are some of the main services you provide?
Hair, Skin & Esthetic! We provide various color services such as highlights, ombré, balayage and glorious, precise haircuts! We also offer fantastic Leonor Greyl scalp and hair spa treatments! Our Clinical Esthetician Victoria provides a wide range of skincare clinical treatments, hair removal, and makeup including extreme lashes.

CW: Have you & your salon ever been commissioned for big events such as weddings? If so how different was that vs. your “normal” routine IN the salon?
Yes! Weddings are part of our services and it’s very exciting because it’s usually a group of ladies. They want beauty and happiness and we work hard on delivering our services and skills with a touch of Champagne and goodies!

CW: Now we understand you’re not strictly a “hair” salon – you’re a beauty salon – which encompasses things other than hair such as peels, facials and hair removal. What sort of training do you and/or your employees have to go through in order to become certified in these specialized treatments?
When it comes to skin it’s even more specific and delicate. For that reason my esthetician is licensed as a clinical esthetician. She has earned that title with her numerous certifications in oncology skincare, skin biology (through PCA training), 5 elements and pressure point massages plus much more.

CW: Are there any “futuristic” treatments coming out that you’re excited about and would like to perform at your salon?
The most innovative and futuristic treatment that is under development is stem cell treatments for hair loss. Stem cells are the body’s natural healing cells that act as a repair system that replenishes tissues. This groundbreaking treatment will help with thinning and hair loss issues. As a professional with loyal clients, I would like to provide this as a service to show my devotion and to protect the integrity of my client’s hair.

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