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Caldwell Cigars at Brickell Cigars August 29th


Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigar Co

     Caldwell Cigars: For those “in the know” in the cigar industry, particularly the South Florida & Miami cigar industries, probably have heard the name Robert Caldwell before. He hasn’t been in the cigar game as long as Arturo Fuente or Jose Padron, but he’s certainly made his mark.

Earlier this year Caldwell, after a roughly 7 month hiatus from the cigar business, announced he was back and back with a vengeance with his new brand Caldwell Cigars (also Caldwell Cigar Co). And with this new brand Caldwell stated “The purpose of Caldwell Cigars is to go wherever we must to find the most exotic flavors we can.” With that said, Robert chose the underrated Dominican Republic as the place where his cigars would be manufactured where his creations would be overseen by Henderson and William Ventura, a father/son duo with over 40 years of experience in the industry and with whom Caldwell has worked with before.

Robert painstakingly combed through hundreds of blends (if not more) to come up with what he feels is exactly what his clientele expects: perfection. The brand now has “The Caldwell Collection” and the “Seleccion Junior Varsity” lines of cigars, each with equally unique blends and tobaccos as well as various sizes in each collection.

On Friday, August 29th Caldwell Cigars will be at Brickell Cigars (located at 450 SW 8th St) from 7pm until whenever everyone leaves. If you’re a beer & cigar or whisky & cigar kinda guy (or gal) you’ll love this event because special whisky’s will be available to sample as well as over 200 beers! So certainly there will be something you will enjoy with your Caldwell Cigar! Plus there will be exclusive deals on Caldwell Cigars that you will only find at this event. DJ Don Gato will also be providing the music for the evening so if you’re a cigar lover you won’t want to miss Caldwell Cigars at Brickell Cigars!


Caldwell Cigars at Brickell Cigars August 29th


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