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The Food-e Happy Hour at Buns and Buns South Miami July 18th

Buns and Buns South Miami

     Buns and Buns South Miami: One of the many reasons Miami is without a doubt the best city in the United States is our cultural diversity. Our cultural diversity is unequaled. That same cultural diversity is what drives the restaurant and food industry in South Florida. Cuban, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Italian, American….you name it, we have an abundance of restaurants that cater to every palate imaginable.

With the rise in popularity of “foodies”, or a person with a particular interest in food that, more times than not, must take pictures of their delicious plates before they can even touch it (which I am guilty of) and upload it to their social media profiles, restaurants in Miami are embracing this phenomena and catering to this new generation of food enthusiasts by creating plates that just look too good to be true.

Buns and Buns South Miami hot buns

Now we will tell you one thing – if you aren’t a foodie now, you will be after heading to Buns and Buns South Miami location on Friday, July 18th. What’s going on July 18th you ask? Well, (see what they did there?) will be hosting a special happy hour from 7pm – 9pm that not only includes world class cocktails, but food as well. A happy hour for food? Only in Miami right? This event boasts $3 draft and select bottled beer and $6 cocktails, including their sangria, blueberry cobbler and O’Pama adult beverages.

But the pièce de résistance? The food. Not only are you getting great cocktails at a great price, you’ll have your choice of $4 mini burgers, spinach poofs, truffled cheese fries, corn fritters, mini BBQ pulled pork buns and, our favorite, hot Nutella buns (hot chocolate buns pictured above). Their name is Buns and Buns after all! Now if your mouth isn’t watering by now, we might need to check your pulse because you just might be dead. But in the event you’re not a zombie like creature browsing the internet (for food of all things), get on out to Buns and Buns South Miami to welcome yet another fantastic new restaurant to Miami with the folks over at and enjoys some world class bites and beverages!

For additional details please visit the Facebook event page by CLICKING HERE.


The Food-e Happy Hour at Buns and Buns South Miami July 18th


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