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     Club Space Miami: It’s not too often we get to have a female DJ grace the digital pages of, but when we do it always excites us. Take Nicole Moudaber for example. She’s a Nigerian-born Lebanese woman that lived in London and now calls Ibiza home. Talk about a diverse background! But Nicole has one of those Hollywood movie type stories. She’s been laying down tracks since 2008 but prior to that she was a promoter. A promoter turned DJ? Yes indeed. She’s actually credited with thrusting electronic dance music into the spotlight in Lebanon with her “Trashy Renaissance” event that was held in Beirut. You have to realize that ravers and party goers in the U.S. (and literally everywhere else in the world) are used to skimpy clothing and funky getups at dance music events, but the Middle East is a whole nother story.

Many residents didn’t take too kindly to her blasphemous party, which was evidence by her being summoned to a police station. Nicole said “Five months down the line I was asked to go down to the police station because the authorities had some questions for me. When I got down there, they were treating me like a terrorist, asking me all sorts of questions about my affiliation with homosexual people and whether I had seen them doing things. It was a really sad and outrageous situation, but luckily I had connections and therefore didn’t stay long. That party single handedly made her a bonafide pioneer in the genre. To put it in perspective, people have been stoned to death for much less in the Middle East.

But it’s those very same experiences that differentiate Nicole from the masses. She’s unique in every way. Her style of music is her style. And lets not forget about that trademark head of curly hair she has. When Carl Cox dubbed her as “the most underrated DJ” to DJ Magazine, it quite literally shot her into the spotlight and she hasn’t looked back since. And with a master like Carl Cox by her side, we don’t blame her.

On Saturday, July 12th Nicole Moudaber will be headlining at the terrace of Club Space Miami. Ambivalent will be playing the loft and Damaged Goods will be in the main room at Club Space Miami that same evening. Patrick M takes over the terrace for a special afterhours set as well. Pre-midnight tickets are just $20 while pre-2am tickets are just $30, which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. This is a 21+ event. To book your VIP at Club Space Miami call VIP host Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626 or e-mail Party responsibly.


Nicole Moudaber at Club Space Miami July 12th


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