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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami 2014

     Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami: Los Angeles and New York have long been at the top of peoples’ list when asked what they felt was the fashion capital of the United States. However Miami is fast approaching the level of notoriety the aforementioned cities currently hold. Aside from having incredibly beautiful weather nearly year round (most of the time anyway) and one of the nations most concentrated doses of beautiful people, Miami has everything a fashion capital needs and wants.

So what changed? What has thrust Miami into the fashion spotlight in recent years? It’s quite simple actually – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami. Yes. I believe the single most influential event that has given Miami the attention it deserves from the fashion industry has came from one of the leading fashion events in the U.S., and the world for that matter – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. From July 17th – 21st Miami will be flooded with even more models and fashion designers than normal, a tell-tale sign that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami is here.

Luli Fama - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 - Backstage

2014 also happens to be a very special year for MBFW Swim – it’s their 10th birthday! Since 2004 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has came and conquered in Miami, ultimately amassing well over 100,000 attendees as well as over 200 designers since it’s inception. This year over 10,000 are expected to attend the main events held at The Raleigh Hotel, the central hub for all MBFW Swim fashion shows, with even more attending other satellite fashion shows.

MBFW Swim isn’t just about bikinis, however. It’s about poolside parties with champagne & hors d’oeuvres. It’s about the nightlife events that commemorate Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami. It’s about Miami fashion bloggers like Jana Rose Carrero, Daniela Ramirez, D’Ana Nunez and Maya King live tweeting and instagramming during fashion shows and allowing others passionate about the fashion industry to congregate at one central location and be consumed by what they love – fashion.

Since this fashion show is held during the summer, expect to see the latest and greatest summer fashion trends coming from designers like Clover Canyon, Frankie’s Bikinis, Beach Bunny, L*Space by Monica Wise, Suboo and many more during the 5 day event. So make sure your phone and camera are charged and connect with everyone using the #MBFWswim & #MBFW hashtags on Twitter, Instagram & Google+!

For more information please visit Find the full schedule for this years show below.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 Miami Schedule


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