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     STORY Miami Beach: Actually making it as a successful DJ is rare. Like making it into the NFL or NBA rare. Every kid wants to be the famous DJ that plays at shows where tens of thousands are screaming their name. But reality sets in. Saying it’s difficult is an extreme understatement. It’s even more difficult when you’re a woman trying to break through into the male dominated realm of electronic dance music. Are there females in the genre? Absolutely! And we love diversity. But most people would probably think of women as more of the vocalists on the tracks rather than the actual DJ’s themselves. It’s 2014. It’s time to change status quo. In comes Eva Shaw.

But, against tremendous adversity, Eva Shaw has made it. The Dutch/Canadian, formerly known as DJ Bambi (or simply Bambi) has gone from playing in New York City and Vegas all the way to the big stages, mainly Ultra Music Festival 2013 where Eva (known as Bambi at the time) played at the Ultra Worldwide Brasil stage on day one of the second weekend. Talk about moving on up! Eva’s first single, “Charizma”, was snatched up by Calvin Harris and his label Fly Eye. Now with a residency at Hakkasan in Vegas as well as numerous gigs at NYC’s hottest nightclubs, Eva Shaw has set her eyes upon the Magic City’s own STORY Miami Beach.

On Friday, July 18th Eva Shaw will be performing at STORY Miami Beach along with resident STORY Miami Beach DJ, Dave Sol. Tickets are just $30 for the ladies and $40 for the gentlemen. To purchase your tickets please CLICK HERE. A dress code will be enforced for this 21+ event so dress accordingly. For VIP information please call STORY Miami Beach VIP host David Gordon at 561-239-1200.


Eva Shaw (DJ Bambi) at STORY Miami Beach Friday July 18th


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