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EC Twins at Adore Miami July 12th

     Adore Miami: Just the other day we wrote about Nicole Moudaber, an incredible DJ with a very diverse cultural background, yet it wasn’t until I started writing this that I realized Allister and Marc Blackham aren’t too far behind her in the culture department. Now known as the EC Twins, Allister and Marc grew up in England but first became active in the nightlife scene at age 16 in Scotland where they were flyer boys. Extremely similar to what Americans refer to as “The American Dream,” the brothers went from flyer boys to owning one of the hottest nightlife venues on that side of the Atlantic Ocean – Eye Candy.

Now as you might suspect (and if you don’t already know their story) you’ve probably figured out the the name of their club has the same letters as their stage name, “EC”. Well, that’s exactly where they came up with their name – to pay homage to what was once theirs and what undoubtedly helped shape their futures. Their most recent release was on July 3rd on the Explosive Beats Vol 1 record that features a myriad of artist collaborations. Their track, “Hot Summer Nights,” was a collaboration between them, Lea Luna, Nejat Barton, DJ Exodus and Bartosz Brenes and is an electro house track that would be right at home at any of Miami’s premier nightlife venues.

Currently on a worldwide tour, the EC Twins will be at Adore Miami on Saturday, July 12th. Located at 20th and Collins in South Beach is a 12,000 square foot venue draped in deep reds and glowing ambers, allowing for certain focal points to really pop to club goers eyes. Adore Miami has even acquired a new management company, KNR Hospitality (who also manage WALL Miami), to manage many aspects of the club. From what we’ve seen so far, this was a move in the right direction for Adore Miami. Tickets for the ladies are just $20 and $40 for the gentlemen, both of which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For VIP information please call 305-203-0303 or e-mail This is a 21+ event and a dress code will be enforced, so dress accordingly.


EC Twins at Adore Miami July 12th


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