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     Wall Miami: If you live in Miami, we’re going to assume you know who Mr Mauricio is. And if you don’t, shame on you. Born and raised in Miami, Mr Mauricio has turned his love for music into a passion, and that passion into a wide and far reaching career. Having been DJ’ing for the better part of 15 years, Mr Mauricio has made his name his brand, and that has led him to be dubbed “DJ to the stars.” Why DJ to the stars? He’s been commissioned by the likes of Beyonce, Jay-z, Diddy, Pharrell and even Christina Aguilera to DJ their special VIP, celebrity studded parties. That’s certainly a good enough reason to justify the nickname in our book.Currently signed to the Skam Artist record label, Mr Mauricio is slated to release his debut studio album and, as he says in the interview above, expect to hear all the Miami heavy hitters on the album, including Pitbull, Ace Hood and Rick Ross. He continues to say “Now you’ve really got to be in touch with what’s getting played in the club…so to me, being in the club is pivotal.” And he certainly is in the clubs. A lot. From Miami to L.A. to New York City to Jersey, Mr Mauricio does it all for the love of his craft.

But Mr Mauricio has a very special event coming up – his birthday! Mr Mauricio will be at WALL Miami on Friday, June 13th celebrating his birthday. WALL Miami, nestled in the W Hotel on South Beach, will play host to Mr Mauricio and his guests, which might include some of his Skam Artist labelmates. Special guest DJ Chicco Secci will also be in the building. *There are no pre-sale tickets for this event (as far as we can tell) – just pay at the door. For VIP information please call 305-938-3130 or e-mail An upscale dress code will be enforced at this 21+ event, so dress accordingly.

*If this information changes or is incorrect, we will make the necessary corrections here.


Mr Mauricio Birthday Celebration at WALL Miami June 13


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