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DJ Skratchy

     WALL Lounge Miami Beach: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Skam Artist DJ, DJ Skratchy, is no stranger to what good music is. Los Angeles is, as many would argue, one of the largest music hubs on the West Coast with no shortage of live music, large concert venues, jazz bars and nightclubs. So it’s no surprise that a kid in Los Angeles knew he wanted to be a DJ by the time he was 14. DJ Skratchy truly was a product of his environment.

Fast forward to 2006 and DJ Skratchy finds himself as the runner up in Power 106’s “Mixer Idol Contest”, a contest that involved dozens of DJ’s from all over the greater Los Angeles area. As with any aspiring DJ that took developing his craft seriously, Skratchy went from playing at house parties to playing in the nightclubs in Hollywood. Nowadays you can find Skratchy at Tao Las Vegas where he plays every week or anywhere in the southwest area of the U.S. Now a part of the elite Skam Artist DJ crew, Skratchy can now be found venturing into venues on the east coast as well as his normal rotation on the west coast.

On Friday, June 20th DJ Skratchy will be flying in to Miami to play at WALL Lounge Miami Beach. Put together by the folks at KNR Hospitality, WALL Lounge Miami Beach will be giving guests a special treat as Peruvian DJ Arlette Carlin will also be in the building. There is no cost for admission however there will be a dress code enforced, so dress accordingly. But if you’re looking to party in style at WALL Lounge Miami Beach, then look no further than VIP concierge Bonnie who can be reached at 954-471-3853 or at Doors open at 11:30pm.


DJ Skratchy at WALL Lounge Miami Beach June 20th


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