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Cigar and Wine Tasting at Brickell Cigars Monday June 9th Menu

     Brickell Cigars: Cigars are one of those luxuries that you can clip the cap off and enjoy all by itself, however most discerning cigar aficionados love to pair their cigar with a cocktail – typically a fine scotch, whisky or cognac. Now while I can certainly appreciate a good pairing, dark liquor isn’t something I’ve ever had an affinity for, much to the chagrin of my father. It’s an acquired taste, but one that can be learned and appreciated. In the meantime however I personally prefer pairing cigars with wine or champagne – something I realize not everyone may be in to.

But that’s exactly why I love events such as the one Brickell Cigars is putting together on Monday, June 9th. Brickell Cigars is tapping into the semi non-traditional route of pairing cigars with wine, and in a way so that both are complemented by one another. For only $26, on Monday, June 9th Brickell Cigars invites everyone – cigar and wine lovers alike – to join them as they pair malbec, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio and chardonnay with cigars such as the Vallejuelo, Alec Bradley American Classic, Perdomo Lot 23 and the Aging Room Hauao. By pairing cigars that range from light/medium-bodied to full-bodied with wines that mirror the same spectrum, new flavors and scents will encompass your senses, allowing you to become more in touch with your personal palate as well as allowing you to enjoy the cigars (and wine) much more than before. And with shop owner Lazaro Vento there to accompany you on your journey, you can rest assured that you’re in good, and knowledgeable, hands.

But wine and cigars aren’t the only things on the menu for the evening! Light tapas will be available with your paid entry to the event that includes tortilla espanola de patata, morcilla frita and entremeses. But don’t be afraid by the names of the dishes! the first is a type of Spanish omelette, morcilla frita is a type of sausage and entremeses is a plate that consists of cured ham, spanish sausage, various cheeses and dried salami – all of which are great palate cleansers and some may even enhance the flavors in your cigar and wine pairing.

Indulge your senses at Brickell Cigars for a night of wine and cigar tastings on June 9th. Price of admission is just $26 and is to be paid upon entrance via cash or credit (although cash is preferred).

Note from the editor: Now while I do not know the specific wines that will be available, I can take the characteristics that the wines generally have and give an educated guess as to what cigars will pair well with which wines. So here are my suggestions: Pair the malbec with the Perdomo Lot 23 (habano or maduro), the chardonnay with the Aging Room Havao, the cabernet sauvignon with the Alec Bradley American Classic and the Vallejuelo with the pinot grigio. Unless, of course, Lazaro and his team already have the pairings planned out for everyone. Then I would suggest following what they have laid out. – Tony


Cigar and Wine Tasting at Brickell Cigars Monday June 9th


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