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CW: What is your name and where are you originally from?
Michelle Fonticiella and I’m originally from Miami.

CW: What is the name of your company and what is your website?
My company is SpinHouse PR. Our website is

CW: What three words describe you?
Tenacious, head-strong and loyal.

Michelle Fonticiella with the 'Alicia' ostrich bag by Candy Woolley

CW: How many years have you been in business?
I’ve been in business for almost four years now.

CW: Before SpinHouse PR, where else did you work?
I started off doing corporate PR with Schwartz Media Strategies and Thorp & Company, which is now owned by RBB. I realized corporate PR wasn’t for me, so I started focusing on lifestyle brands. Once I began bringing in my own accounts and servicing my own accounts, I decided to venture off and do my own thing.

CW: What is the preferred way to contact you for a public relations or marketing service?
Email –

CW: What’s your company’s expertise?
We focus on lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands.

CW: What brands have you helped launched?
We work with all types of brands, from smaller startup brands, such as Cuban Rice Swimwear designed and owned by former Real Housewives of Miami reality star Cristy Rice, to larger well-recognized brands, such as FIAT and Veneta Cucine. We’ve provided launch events and campaigns for each.

CW: What are your strengths?
I like to think that I’m tenacious and great at connecting with people and building relationships with them. Ever since I was little, I would convince people to do things. Sometimes that would get me into trouble.

CW: Where do you see SpinHouse in 5 years?
I see SpinHouse expanding into other cities. We already provide services for clients in the NYC and LA areas. I see offices and employees in each of these markets.

Michelle Fonticiella with Candy Woolley's 'Delia' Python Tote

CW: How important is the use of social media and what works and what doesn’t?
The use of social media is very important. I’ve seen the industry transition from print-focused media campaigns to almost solely online outlets, which include social media. It is important. However, I still believe in building on relationships the good old fashion way: face-to-face.

CW: Do you think that social media is becoming more important than traditional media?
While I do think that social media is very important, I don’t think it’s becoming more important than traditional media. I think social media can be used as a tool to build on campaigns or stories but I don’t think it will become the only tool.

CW: Do you feel that being a woman presents any challenges in your industry?
I think that being a woman actually helps in my industry. Women like to pay attention to small details and that helps when I’m creating PR campaigns and events.

CW: What advice do you give to women business owners to stay competitive?
The best advice I can give women business owners to help them stay ahead of competition is to not be afraid to step out of the norm and break some rules. Sometimes what seems like an outlandish idea ends up being an ingenious one. Don’t be afraid to express who you really are – not who someone wants you to be.

CW: What has been the most challenging project you’ve had since you’ve been in business?
The most challenging projects for me are always when clients aren’t clear of the look they want to create for their brands. I’ve had situations when clients hire me yet they don’t take my expert advice. It’s frustrating when you’re not on the same page. If I was hired for my expertise, I should be allowed to take the wheel.

Michelle Fonticiella with  the 'Sensation' media pouch

CW: How do you manage a difficult client?
I manage difficult clients by always being upfront with them – in a respectful manner of course. Even if it takes 24 hours for me to reply to an email so that I don’t respond in a hasty manner, honesty is the best policy. I rather my clients know my position at all times.

CW: What countries have you visited?
I’ve visited Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Bahamas. I have a lot more on my bucket list.

CW: Which are your favorite fashion magazines?
My favorite fashion magazines are People Style Watch, Elle and of course the fashion Bible Vogue.

CW: What is your signature fashion style?
I like to mix it up. Some days I like to rock a boho look, other days I like to be more glam and chic. It just depends in what I’m in the mood for.

CW: Which is your favorite food?
I love it all – except for seafood. While I love a great steak from Meat Market and Flemming’s, I’m just as happy with a box of pizza from my favorite, Frankie’s Pizza.

CW: Which charities do you support?
I support Adopt a Bear, Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation and Susan G. Komen Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate. I have annual fundraisers for each. We have our Pink Ribbon Project in October, which raises funds for Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate and breast cancer awareness. We also have our annual Adopt a Bear fundraiser in December, which helps raise funds for children spending the holidays at Miami Children’s Hospital. Last year we raised enough funds to deliver 100 teddy bears to the children.


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