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     Bass Bodies Miami: One of the motto’s at the core of many peoples lives is to experience – anything and everything – as much and as often as possible. Why do so many people choose this credo to live by? Well it’s all about experience right? The more you experience the more you know, and the more you know the more you grow. Back in 2009, sisters Giuliana and Gabriella Leone attended their first ever EDM festival. Little did they know their experiences at this festival would ignite a spark that would eventually erupt into a raging inferno in Miami and South Florida.

With backgrounds in both dance and music, sisters Giuliana and Gabriella quickly realized, as many first time festival goers do – It’s one hell of a workout! That was what many would call, their ‘eureka!’ moment. And in 2013, Bass Bodies Miami was born. So what exactly is Bass Bodies? Well, it’s simple: Take your mothers cardio routine, your best friends’ aerobics routine, your fitness friends’ light weight training, your fitness freak friends’ high intensity interval training and combine it with your daily pilates and yoga and then throw in some awesome nightclub lights and todays best house/EDM hits. THAT is what Bass Bodies Miami is all about. Ok so maybe it wasn’t so simple…but it is fun!

On Thursday, June 26th Bass Bodies Miami will be hosting one of their EDM fitness experiences where attendees will literally “Burn to the Beat” at All Around Fitness in Kendall, Miami. The class begins at 7:30 pm and goes until 8:30. Now what could make this new spin on fitness even better? How about only paying $7 for the class?! That’s right, not only are you encouraged to wear (or bust out) your crazy rave outfit, but it’s only $7 for the entire hour long class! Space is extremely limited however, so CLICK HERE to get your tickets now and ensure you aren’t left outside!

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Bass Bodies Miami EDM Fitness Class June 26th at AA Fitness Training


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