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     Club Space Miami: As his Facebook bio states, Miami was never a major player in the history of EDM and house music – it was always in cities like New York and Chicago where new styles of music and new talent was sprouting from. So what is a boy to do when he has an unquenchable thirst for house music but he lives in a city (Miami) that isn’t known for that style of music? He makes people recognize his city. And that’s just what Oscar G did…

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, Oscar G was already DJ’ing at school dances by the time he was 12 years old. Citing the heavy influence of hip-hop, break dancing and graffiti as what initially got him interested in music, Oscar G has gone on to become a household name and even held a residency at Club Space for 8 years, something most DJ’s only dream of. It wasn’t until 2008 until Oscar G released his first solo album, titled Innov8. He has since followed that up with the release of Beats that was released (almost do the day) on Nervous Records back in 2012.

On Saturday, May 10th Oscar G will be playing a special open to close marathon on the terrace at Club Space Miami! Don’t miss your chance to see the Miami legend in the flesh! Pre-midnight tickets are just $20 and pre-2am tickets are $30, which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For VIP information at Club Space Miami, please call 786-357-6456. This is a 21+ event and the doors open at 10pm.


Oscar G Marathon Set at Club Space Miami May 10th


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