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Carrera Eyewear Event at Edward Beiner in Mary Brickell Village May 2nd

     Edward Beiner Eyewear: In the year 2014 it’s hard to imagine that sunglasses have been around since the 12th century – although they were clearly very different from the products we’re used to today. The Chinese had them close to 1,000 years ago. Even Roman emperor Nero had a pair (supposedly). It wasn’t until 1752 when James Ayscough started tinkering with tinted lenses because he thought blue or green tints corrected certain visual impairments. The turn of the century brought to light (no pun intended) more and more people starting to use these devices and, in 1929, Sam Foster introduced America to the cheap, mass produced sunglasses we’ve come so accustomed to today. Now, in the modern world we live in today, it’s almost impossible to find someone without sunglasses on their persons (especially here in Miami)!

Just under 30 years later, Wilhelm Anger founded Carrera – a company born from racing as the company says. (You can hear it from Mr. Anger himself in this insightful promo video.) Born in 1926 in Schmiedeberg, Czechoslovakia, Wilhelm Anger founded Carrera out of necessity – taking rubber ‘ski glasses’ and making them out of plastic, making them much cheaper and thus, birthing the category of sport sunglasses. Now owned by parent company Safilo, Carrera has grown into a leader in the premium eyewear market by designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality product.

A motto Carrera was built on is “We believe that there is no reward in life without risk,” and boy has that paid off for the Carrera brand. To celebrate not only their 60 years in existence – which is lined with innovation – but also for their new line of eyewear, Carrera is holding a special event on Friday, May 2nd at the Edward Beiner Eyewear boutique in Downtown Miami’s Mary Brickell Village from 7pm – 10pm.

Carrera’s new line, Icon, an exclusive line of vintage inspired sunglasses of which only two models are hand selected for re-release each year, will be the focal point at Edward Beiner Eyewear. Edward Beiner Eyewear has multiple locations throughout the greater Miami area including Brickell, Coral Gables, Aventura and Coconut Grove but to get an exclusive sneak peak you must be at this event May 2nd! Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be available to those in attendance. This event is free & no RSVP is required.


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