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     Miami Events: Born and raised in Brooklyn, DJ Sinatra always had an affinity for music. Sinatra is a trained audio engineer and had worked with the likes of De La Soul and Beyonce, that is until 2004 came around. In 2004, with the opportunity to go to Tokyo and start DJ’ing, Sinatra didn’t hesitate and took flight to Japan. Obviously we wouldn’t be writing about him if he wasn’t a DJ, so you can fill in the blanks and come to the conclusion that a) he loved DJ’ing and b) he’s good at it.

So what is DJ Sinatra up to now? Well on any given night you can catch him DJ’ing at 1OAK, Avenue or SL on any given night entertaining New York Cities socialites, or you might find him DJ’ing at any number of exclusive high end events. High end events? Like what you ask? Like the 2009 World Series Championship afterparty where the New York Yankees requested him personally. Or maybe at Louis Vuitton private store event or maybe even Robin Thicke’s birthday party. Yea – DJ Sinatra has it going on. He’s also a regular at various Miami events in Miami and South Beach.

But let’s be honest – we’re selfish. We just want to know when he’s coming to Miami so we can see him again. Fortunately for us, we’re in luck. DJ Sinatra will be heading to LIV Miami on Friday, April 11th. Tickets are just $40 for the ladies and $50 for the gentlemen, both of which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For VIP information or to book your VIP, contact VIP host David Gordon at 561-239-1200. The doors open at 11pm and the party doesn’t stop until 5am.


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