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     Miami Events April 2014: “All I’ve ever cared about is music, and the more I moved away from social media the less I’ve had the opportunity to say how grateful I am.” That was a tweet sent out by Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, on April 6th. It seems to be somewhat of a recurring theme with DJ’s that are, or are about to be, super stars – them always having an affinity for music and musicianship. As a matter of fact, 2012 was the first time Flux Pavilion even played at Ultra Music Festival.But Flux’s talent supercedes being a DJ; he’s also the co-founder of Circus Records and has had everything from video games to movies use his tracks (SSX Snowboarding & The Great Gatsby). Remember that Kony 2012 campaign to find the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, in Uganda? You might recognize Flux Pavilion’s track I Can’t Stop that was used in many of the Kony 2012 video campaigns. Pretty awesome to have your one song used in so many different ways – all for good. Pavilion has even laid down some vocals for tracks!

On Friday, April 25th the United Kingdom native will be bringing his trademark dubstep (and frequently video game sounding) talent to South Beach’s own Mansion nightclub. Run by The Opium Group, Mansion Miami has become a mecca for house and electronic music acts and fans, and this event shall be no different. General admission tickets for this event are only $30 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. VIP is also available by calling 786-735-3344. Doors open at 11pm.

Miami Events April 2014 Flux Pavilion at Mansion Miami April 25th


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