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     MMW 2014 Events: There are a few elite DJ’s that, without putting too much credence on it, are on the older side. At 39, German born Markus Schulz is one of them. But we’re talking about elite DJ’s. Pioneers. Visionaries. Not average DJ’s. These guys may be on the ‘older’ side, but they are masters of their craft, And hey, we say you’re only as young as you feel and judging by Schulz’s schedule and music, he might as well be 20 again. He has one of the most popular podcasts in music, the Global DJ Broadcast, has a record label, owns a club called Fate in Hallandale, FL and tours the world year round. He is a true pioneer of his craft. But what else would you expect from a man that’s been DJ’ing for over two decades? Markus Schulz is to electronic dance music as Oppenheimer was to the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb.

On Thursday, March 27th Markus Schulz will be playing the main room of Miami’s Club Space for the opening of MMW 2014 events. This isn’t a normal show however. Markus Schulz will be performing an Open to Close set, which is exactly what it sounds like – a marathon set. It’s something fans everywhere dream of seeing in real life, let alone by someone of Markus Schulz’s status in the industry. Instead of beating myself up trying to come up with enough words to describe this event, I’m just going to keep it simple = it’s going to be fucking epic. End of story. From 10pm to 7am Markus Schulz’s Open to Close set will be rocking Club Space’s main room. So if you plan on going, you better get one hell of a nights sleep! Pre-midnight tickets are just $40 and pre-2am tickets are only $50 – both of which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. For VIP information please call 786-357-6456.

MMW 2014 Events Markus Schulz Open to Close Marathon at Club Space


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