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     Myon and Shane 54 Tour 2014: Márió Égető and Előd Császár, better known as Myon and Shane 54, are a DJ/producer duo hailing from Hungary that, prior to teaming up in 2008, had gone the solo route. But we’re glad they teamed up because the music they put out is sublime. After 2 years of putting in a lot of hard work the duo finally cracked DJ Mags Top 100 list for best DJ’s in the world, debuting at the #62 spot. Now before you say “62? That’s not THAT good”, let us stop you right there. When you take into account the not known, but enormous number of DJ’s there are in the world – just making it to the top 1,000 is a huge accomplishment.

In fact, Myon and Shane 54 are so good that some of the top DJ’s in the world took notice, including Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Andy Moor, with the latter 2 actually signing them to feature on their compilation albums.

Looking to start March off with a bang, Myon and Shane 54 are heading to Mansion Miami as part of their Heartbeat 2014 tour. But they’re coming alone. Dance music veterans Late Night Alumni, comprised of Finn Bjarnson, Becky Jean Williams and Kaskade are also going to be in the building! That’s TWO major acts in one place – and better yet, the tickets are only $25! $25 tickets for Myon and Shane 54 AND Late Night Alumni? Sign us up! Tickets can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. There will be a dress code enforced, so dress accordingly.


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