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     Mansion Nightclub Miami: Dylan Mamid and Zach Rapp-Rovan, commonly referred to as DC and Hooks respectively, are a Canadian electronic music duo that has been producing music with one another since 2004 under the name Mass Productions. We’re sure you’re asking yourself who the Hell Mass Productions is, so we’ll make it easy for you – it’s Zeds Dead. Many electronic music fans didn’t catch wind of Zeds Dead until they actually became Zeds Dead in 2009. But it is true – the two have been making and producing music together since 2004. As the video shows, Zeds Dead is currently on their Altered States Tour. But this isn’t your normal tour. An incredible amount of work has gone into making the sets and props for this tour and the proof is in the pudding. Fortunately for you one of Zeds Dead scheduled stops is here in Miami!

On Friday, December 20th Zeds Dead will be at Mansion Nightclub Miami – but they won’t be alone. Along for the ride is Caligula (and no not the ancient Roman emperor) – the trap music duo that knows how to hype up a crowd. The combination of electro house, hip-hop, glitch, drum and bass and dubstep that will be played at Mansion Nightclub Miami for this event should be enough to fulfil any aficionado’s appetite. General admission tickets for Zeds Dead & Caligula at Mansion Nightclub Miami are only $25 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. This is a 21+ event and the doors open at 11pm.


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