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UroŇ° Umek, better known as simply Umek, is a Slovenian born electronic dance music DJ that has the privilege of being dubbed a pioneer in the electronic music world in his native country. Most of the DJ’s hail from the Netherlands/Holland, so it’s a breath of fresh air to be talking about someone outside of that country. And just a little world geography lesson for those of you asking yourself where the hell Slovenia is, it’s immediately to the east of Italy, sandwiched between Austria and Croatia. Umek started DJ’ing seriously at the young age of 17, so it should come as no surprise that 37 year old Umek, having DJ’ed over half of his life, owns record labels Consumer Recreation, Recycled Loops, 1605 Music Therapy and Astrodisco – with the latter 2 being the most recent. One of Umek’s trademarks is the fact that he usually utilizes 4 turntables rather than 2, perhaps making his sound that much more unique and certainly more technically challenging. Umek is regarded by many to be the top DJ in his particular genre and nabbed the #29 spot in DJmags Top 100 list in 2007.

Umek at Mansion Miami Saturday November 23rd

On Saturday, November 23rd The Opium Groups very own Mansion Miami will be hosting Umek. This event is just one of hundreds Umek does every year, easily making him one of the busiest techno DJ’s out right now. Mansion Miami has kept the ticket prices for this event very low, which is good news for you! General admission tickets for Umek at Mansion Miami are only $30! General admission tickets can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. The doors at Mansion Miami open at 11pm, giving you plenty of time to party your ass off. This is a 21+ event and a dress code is enforced. VIP is also available, of course, by calling 305-695-8411. Others play house, we play MANSION!


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