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     New Years Eve 2014 Miami Events: For those that don’t know, there’s a beautiful little small town in the Southeastern part of France right on the French Riviera called Saint Tropez (or St Tropez). Saint Tropez has, among other things, beautiful white sand beaches, multi-million dollar sailboats and yachts as far as the eye can see, world-class dining and some of the hottest nightlife venues in the world. Although filled with Tropéziens, St Tropez is known for it’s tourism and catering to the über wealthy – which certainly explains why everything in St Tropez is world-class.

New Years Eve 2014 Miami Events SET Miami Presents VIP Room NYE 2014

Located in St Tropez is a very well-known nightclub called VIP Room that is owned by Jean Roch. The club boasts huge elongated couches with brushed stainless steel tables, neon lighting and mirrors everywhere and a centered stage. Sound familiar? It should if you’ve been at SET Miami. SET Miami is very similar to the famous VIP Room in St Tropez. So what would happen if the two joined forces? You would get a New Years Eve 2014 to remember at SET Miami. With no shortage of New Years Eve 2014 Miami events to choose from, SET Miami is looking to separate itself from the masses by bringing a taste of the French Riviera to South Beach with it’s VIP Room New Years Eve 2014 celebration with it’s collaboration with the famous St Tropez hot spot. For New Years Eve 2014 SET Miami will be having an open bar from 9pm until midnight with a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. General admission tickets for the ladies are only $50 and $150 for the gentlemen. The Opium Group run venue has an array of VIP options available starting with an upstairs VIP table for 6 at $1,500 all the way up to their exclusive Jet ‘Set’ Miami VIP package that goes for $100,000. Yes you read that correctly – a 1 with six zeroes behind it. What do you get in the Jet ‘Set’ Miami VIP package? You and your guests will get the best seat in the house – a DJ booth VIP table along with 5 bottles of Don Julio 1942, 5 bottles of Grey Goose and 1 Methesulah of Cristal. What’s a Methuselah bottle of Cristal? It’s a gigantic bottle of Cristal that contains 6 litres of the famous bubbly. Get the most joie de vivre for your buck this New Years Eve 2014 at SET Miami! All tickets and VIP tables can be booked and purchased by CLICKING HERE.


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