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Manufactured Superstars at SET Miami Sunday November 17th

     In the electronic music world there are quite a few acts who’s look or image really separates them from the masses. Daft Punk has their helmets, Deadmau5 with his famous Mau5 helmet and Steve Aoki going the naturale route with his signature long, straight hair and goatee. It’s not often (or ever) you see DJ’s that look an awful lot like they were pulled straight out of the adult cartoon Southpark, but that’s what the Manufactured Superstars have gone with. Of course we’re not talking about the flesh and blood duo, but the cartooned versions of Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo. Only just formed in 2006, the duo that is the Manufactured Superstars (who’s costumes are awesome NASA space suits) have already played at the likes of Identity Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival and Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week. *Fun fact: Roulier is a co-founder and founding member of Beatport – Sabo was an original employee of Beatport and he remains a member today. Crazy how an everyday encounter can turn into something so much more. Clearly the Manufactured Superstars have the backgrounds to be great DJ’s and solidify their place at the top with every release.

On Sunday, November 17th prepare for liftoff because The Opium Group’s SET Miami will be hosting the Manufactured Superstars. The “prepare for liftoff” reference is only appealing to those who follow the Manufactured Superstars, so if you’re one of the people that didn’t get it, Manufactured Superstars costumes are matching NASA Spacesuits (if you didn’t glean that from the video). Their philosophy? “We just wanna play great tunes and be the funnest DJ’s out there.” Like that philosophy? Then CLICK HERE to get your tickets for their show at SET Miami. Spoiler alert: They’re only $30! This is a 21+ event and a dress code is enforced.The doors at SET Miami will open at 11pm.

*Information taken from Wikipedia.


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