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DJ Icey, born Eddie Pappa (yes…Pappa) that almost every Floridian who enjoys dance music should know and thank. DJ Icey was a huge influence to the scene in the 1990’s, even having Rolling Stone magazine say he was “one of the original Florida DJ’s responsible for kick starting the American progressive house and trance scene.” Talk about high praise. Rolling Stone is one of the Holy Grails of the music industry and he did that over a decade ago. DJ Icey now has an Indie record label company, Zone Records, that up until 2008 was still using vinyl (holding true to his roots). One of Icey’s now classic remixes is Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Heads Will Roll in which he infused the track with old school break beats and a ton of bass, can still be heard at nightclubs all across the globe. CLICK HERE to listen to it. DJ Icey just wrapped up a tour that started back in July that took him from Cali to Connecticut and everywhere in between.

DJ Icey at Monarchy Nightclub West Palm Beach November 21st

Just because his tour is over doesn’t mean he still isn’t playing shows! On Thursday, November 21st DJ Icey will be at Monarchy nightclub in West Palm Beach. But he won’t be alone! DJ Icey will be accompanied by Lo-IQ?, a talent who landed at the #15 spot on Billboards Next Big Sound Chart earlier this year. And just as the cherry on top of it all, the opening set will be performed by Bad Habits. Monarchy nightclub has planned out one hell of an evening, discounting their Kettle One bottles and bottle service packages and even granting free admission to those who RSVP on the Facebook event page and arrive before midnight. Otherwise, tickets are just $10 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Don’t miss out on your chance to see such great talent at an unbelievably low price. Purchase your tickets or RSVP now to see DJ Icey at Monarchy nightclub before it’s too late! For VIP information at Monarchy nightclub please call 561-835-6601.


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