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Lissette Rondon sporting a Candy Woolley elongated python clutch

CW: Name of your blog?

CW: When was Miami Fashion Spotlight Blog, “The Fashion Media” founded, and how was the idea born?

MFS was founded on 4/30/2011. The idea came after I became a Miami Celebrity Fashion Examiner for Working as a writer made me want my own blog that could reflect the fashion world in Miami, its events, and local talents.

CW: Where can people go to find your blog?

People can find through the social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. We post news on the web at least four times a week. We also post our articles at for national exposure.

CW: Can you tell us one of your most rewarding experiences during these past two years?

It has been watching my business grow faster than I thought possible and being able to add more services to my business such as Public Relations, Fashion Consulting and Editorials. Last year I won the award as “Publicist of the year” by Women in the Arts Miami. It was an experience that I will never forget.

CW: What does Miami Fashion Spotlight cover, what type of articles can we find on the site?

MFS features exclusive interviews with celebrities and luminaries of fashion, singers, supermodels and best events. We also have our signature reviews “What was hot, cool, good and best?” that have become popular on Google and This year, we added more pages such as beauty, music, and luxury hotels. We will launch “Miami Fashion Spotlight- Español” in 2014.

Lissette Rondon with a Candy Woolley two toned python & alligator clutch

CW: What is your mission as an online fashion publisher?

Our mission has been to promote our city (I fell in love with Miami from the minute I stepped foot in this beautiful city) and our talents – MFS is their messenger!

CW: Miami Fashion Spotlight “The Fashion Media” is a very popular blog in Miami. What would you say makes your blog different than the other fashion blogs out there?

The big difference is that we highlight our designers and our “Miamians” in our articles, focusing on their experiences. We combine them with information about what happens in the international fashion world. We feature articles about emerging designers in Miami to the most luxury brands in New York, Milan or Paris; everything in one blog.

CW: What is your personal background in fashion?

Fashion was always my passion; I worked for years in Venezuela as a model, I produced a TV Show about fashion for 6 years and also produced a Radio Show (3 years). I worked as a fashion event producer for 5 years. I also designed my own bikini line & active wear called “Mila’s Body. Venezuela was my great teacher, I learned so much there.

CW: What advice do you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?

My best two tips are to be persistent (adamantly persistent) in what you started and don’t stop educating yourself. The internet is moving so fast that a blogger has to be prepared in every new feature that google launches. People will respect you when they see that in you. Good things happen when you follow your passion!

CW: Favorite fashion magazines or fashion books?

My favorite magazines are Vogue and Ocean Drive Magazine. My favorite fashion books are “Work it” by Jesse Garza and Jose Lupo. I saw them on Oprah’s Show and I had the pleasure to interview them when they launched their book here and Manolo’s New Shoes by Manolo Blahnik. I decorated one of my home’s walls with his drawings!

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