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Life Is Art and The Arts and Business Council Present The Arts and Affordable Care Act Seminar

With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act being – well – terrible, it’s unfortunately left many people even more clueless than they were in the first place. From the website glitches, excruciatingly long wait times and cancellation notices, it’s left many just flat out confused. Unfortunately, unless you’re a lawyer or a healthcare professional, your hopes of understanding exactly what is going on are slim – that is until they come to pass. So how can you get the answers you need from people who can discard all the technical lingo and just give it to you straight? Well you’re in luck.

Life Is Art and The Arts & Business Council have teamed up to create a public forum, the Affordable Care Act Miami Seminar, that outlines the possibilities, penalties, opportunities and downfalls for everyone. The seminar and networker will be taking place on Monday, November 18th at HistoryMiami. Panelists include Louis Balbirer of Kaufman, Rossin & Co, Maura Shiffman of the Health Council of South Florida, Sandra Garcia of Creative Healthcare Marketing and Sean Dugan from Hayes Company. These panelists, along with moderators, will be guiding the conversation in a positive and informative manner. Questions that will be answered: Why should I be insured? Am I required to have insurance? What is the deadline that I must be insured by? What are the options for health insurance and coverage? What resources are available to help me choose? Do I qualify for a subsidy or tax credit?

Those questions, along with many more, will be answered at the forum. The event registration starts at 3pm with the seminars starting at 3:30 and ending at 5pm. Afterwards there will be a nice social gathering where people will be able to chat and network with others in attendance. There will be drinks sponsored courtesy of Marley Coffee and Mad Chiller as well as light bites provided by Elwoods Gastro Pub, KIND Healthy Snacks and Scratch Bakery.

Tickets are only $10. Register online at



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