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     Most veteran electronic dance music aficionados know that Technasia actually started out as a duo comprised of Charles Siegling and Amil Khan in the 90’s due to a chance encounter. And for over a decade the duo thrived. Then 2010 came and Technasia went from a duo to a solo act, with Charles Siegling carrying on the name and legacy that is Technasia. Born and raised in Paris, Charles Siegling, like many of his counterparts, was immersed in the music world at a young age. An interesting fact about Technasia’s Charles Siegling? He speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Italian – and probably more that we just don’t know about. Siegling has been quoted as saying “Language is the ultimate barrier” when it comes to playing in different countries. However, he immediately follows that statement with “Electronic music is the greatest language of all. No words, just the vibration, the emotion and the beat.” And we couldn’t agree more.

On Saturday, October 12th Technasia will be playing on The Loft at Club Space Miami while Tania Vulcano plays on The Terrace. Pre-midnight tickets start at an incredibly low $20 and pre-2am tickets are only $30. Both can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. This is a 21+ event. See why Club Space Miami is known for being the house music haven.



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