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Paul Cobo Photography Boudoir Photoshoot Party October 23rd

     The term boudoir is derived from the French word bouder and, although it has taken on a slightly different meaning today, it still has an inherent sexiness when the word is rolled off your tongue. Pictures of women in beautiful lace lingerie engaging in playful and flirty eye contact with the camera while intertwined in silky smooth sheets come to mind when I hear the terms boudoir and boudoir photography. It’s a beautiful and, as some would argue, under-appreciated form of photography and art. After all it is centered around the beauty that is the female body.

Paul Cobo, one of Miami’s premier fashion, glamour and commercial photographers recognizes that and has set up a limited space “boudoir photo shoot party” with professional makeup artist Cleo Jorge that will be taking place on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Metropole Hotel in South Beach. This photo shoot package includes an appointment time, a 30 minute makeup session by Cleo Jorge followed by a 45 minute photo shoot with Paul Cobo Photography. Each woman should bring 3 to 5 outfits (including shoes and accessories), as this photo shoot does involve different settings within the Metropole Hotel including portraits, a sofa setting and the finale – the boudoir setting.

What would an awesome photo shoot be without some of the incredible photos that were taken? Don’t worry, Paul Cobo Photography has you covered. Included in your purchase you will receive access to a dedicated website just for you and your images that is password protected, ensuring only you can access these sexy pictures of yourself. You will also be given access to 50 of the best images for you to download via a download link for your own personal use, whatever that may be. And with Christmas right around the corner ladies, this would be a gift ANY man or significant other would thoroughly enjoy! The cherry on top? You will be able to choose 4 images that Paul Cobo Photography will then professionally photoshop, ensuring you look your absolute best!

With over 16 years experience in the industry, Paul Cobo Photography has earned a stellar reputation in the South Florida area with his works being published in FHM and Maxim Magazines and even shot the entire 2012-2013 Caribbean Yellow Pages campaign! Paul Cobo Photography has also also worked with the most recent Miss Florida, Brittany Oldehoff as well as Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein. Colombian makeup artist Cleo Jorge has over a decade of experience as a model and visual artist and has worked in both TV and film and more recently expanded into doing brides’ makeup on their special day.

At an unbelievably low price of $199, this is a steal of a deal. Want to do something special for your significant other? Always wanted to know what it feels like to get pampered and all dolled up? Love getting your picture taken? Wanting to try something new and exciting? Than this is the perfect opportunity for you. This event is for ALL women. Paul Cobo Photography has even made it easy for you by giving you two options: Pay in full up front or put down a 50% deposit. To pay in full, please CLICK HERE. To put down your deposit, please CLICK HERE.

For more information about hair and makeup, please call Cleo Jorge at 954-647-3942. For other inquiries, please contact Paul Cobo Photography at 786-514-6130. While you’re at it, check out this awesome article about Paul Cobo on HERE.


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