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     New Years Miami 2014: Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name Deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse for those that have been stuck under a rock) is without a doubt one of the hottest DJ’s in the business. However he is so much more than a DJ – he’s an artist and entertainer. His production value is world class and he even allows his fans an inside look into how he makes his music via his live streams at And let’s not forget the cool points he gets for always having incredible LED stages and his infamous Deadmau5 helmets – which he seems to have a never ending and forever changing supply of them. Currently on a little mini-tour, Deadmau5 will be making his way to the Magic City on New Years dayThe Opium Group run mega-club Mansion.

New Years Miami 2014 is going to be BANANAS – and yes, we know you just sang “bananas” (thanks Gwen Stefani). So what can you expect for New Years Miami 2014 at Mansion? To keep it simple, a show that you and your friends will be talking about 20 years from now. Well the doors at this 21+ event will open at 10pm and the party goes until 5am – but we put our money on a few people not being able to keep up, especially after a previous night of partying on New Years Eve. With Deadmau5 being such a hot commodity, we have zero doubt that this event will sell out very fast, so CLICK HERE to get your tickets now. For more information, please visit


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