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Red Rabbit Presents Twinz Beatz September 21st at BASE at Space

Joe and Josh. J&J. The Fortunes. Whatever you call Joe and Josh Fortune, identical twins from Jersey, it’s hard not imagining a kids show on Nickelodeon or a hit sitcom. But of course that’s not what most people know them as. Most know them as Twinz Beatz – which should be obvious, but for those who don’t follow; since Joe and Josh are identical twins and are both badass DJ’s and producers they decided to go with the name Twinz Beatz. Now located in beautiful Miami, the Twinz have really honed their skills on the turntables and with mixing, ultimately embracing the “dirty house” style of electronic music. And we can’t lie – their remix (in the video to the right) had us pretty distracted for the better part of a half our as the 47 second clip was played over, and over, and over.

But alas we are here! Of course we wouldn’t be writing about them unless they were playing here in Miami so guess what?! The wonderful team over at Red Rabbit Presents took it upon themselves to bring Twinz Beatz to BASE at Space Saturday, September 21st at the one and only Club Space. And if their set is even half as exhilarating as the video above was – you’re not going to be disappointed. And making things better, if you’re on the Red Rabbit guest list, you get in free until 12:30! So you literally have nothing to lose. VIP tables start at just $80 per person and tickets can be purchased bu [CLICKING HERE]. #WeRageHarder

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