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Minnie Lippman with a Candy Woolley leopard print calf and crocodile clutch & crossbody

CW: Where can people find the fashions and designers you curate and represent?

The fashions and designers I represent can be found on

CW: What first attracts you to a designer’s collection?

My first attraction would be the trendiness of the collection and if it is unique to today’s fashion.

CW: What qualities do you look for once your are viewing the pieces in a designer’s collection?

Qualities I look for in a collection would first be…product quality itself. only wants the best and highest quality made. Is it a salable item at the present retail price? Is it trendy and unique to today’s fashions? Will the collection sell online as opposed to in an actual retail setting where people can try on the merchandise and make a decision?

CW: What advice do you give designers when presenting their collection to a buyer?

Present your collection with confidence! Know a bit about your buyer and or client to give them the best part of your collection. Be flexible but don’t undersell or oversell your product. With the economy the way it is now, we all need to adjust in some way. Remember that prices can always be raised depending on demand.

CW: Your parents were both Holocaust survivors – What important lesson did they teach you to be so driven?

Because my parents were Holocaust survivors, they taught me to be strong and instilled the need to be self-sufficient, and passionate about whatever I did. They taught me to be compassionate towards others that are not as fortunate and not to discriminate.

Minnie Lippman with a Candy Woolley cowhide tote

CW: You are a jet-setter and I know you just got back from Europe. Did you see any fashion trends that caught your eye?

I love traveling to Europe upon my recent trip, I noticed a huge variety of infinity scarves, hats, and a variety of chunky costume jewelry. These trends seem to be coming on strong. The infinity scarf is not a seasonal item…it can be worn anywhere, at anytime with any outfit. The colors and fabric designs are endless. Hats are making a statement again, particularly the man’s Fedora for the fashion conscious business woman. Apparel is more on the easy wear side…seems people want to go from day to evening with just the assistance of some accessories to change the outfit. Chunky necklaces, rings, and bracelets will do that easily.

CW: What trends can people find at for fall 2013?

MinsStyle’s staple items for the fall are our wonderful array of handmade handbags, leggings that go from day to evening, our collections of costume and fine jewelry for men and women are a definite staple. Every man needs his comfy T-shirt and button down.

CW: Favorite fashion magazine?

My favorite fashion magazines would have to be Vanity Fair and Vogue.

CW: Favorite city you visited during your Europe vacation?

This past vacation, my most favorite city in Europe was Palermo, Italy.

CW: Who do you consider a fashion icon?

My favorite fashion icon is Victoria Beckham, very classy, chic and beautiful woman.


Candy Woolley cowhide tote and  blue crossbody

About the bags:
Leopard-print calf and genuine crocodile clutch/cross-body bag available by special order by contacting designer Candy Woolley at

Blue cross-body bag: Made of 100% leather with outside compartments. Lined with interior pockets. Available at

Cowhide tote: Made of natural hair on hide with an indented center design with leather and croco-textured leather. Lined in colorful canvas with several pockets inside. Available at


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