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French DJ and producer Martin Solveig is much more than just a DJ and producer. Unlike the overwhelming majority of house music tracks that utilize other individuals vocals, Solveig actually does a lot of vocals in his tracks himself. Not that there’s anything wrong with bringing in other singers for your tracks – it’s just rare to find a DJ/producer that has the ability and is willing to lay down some vocals. And hey, who can blame them? But of course Martin Solveig had some help with his vocals as a child; he was in the choir of the Petits Chanteurs de Sainte-Croix de Neuilly (try saying that five times fast) where he received classical music training and actually became a soprano soloist. We’re pretty sure he’s the only DJ that has had such training, but this training has gifted him the ability to be even more involved with his tracks than literally every other DJ. But alas, at the age of 18 he dropped the choir and became a DJ. Usually with his trademark headband on, Martin captivates his audiences (such as the most recent ULTRA Music Festival) and puts on a hell of a show. There’s actually a young Hollywood celebrity that has an uncanny resemblance to Solveig, one we’re sure you’re all very familiar with – [CLICK HERE] to see who. Martin Solveig also hosts a weekly radio show in France and a worldwide show on FG DJ Radio when he isn’t playing at shows around the world.

Martin Solveig will be popping his “Story” cherry Labor Day Weekend and will be playing at Miami’s own STORY Nightclub on Sunday, September 1st – and we couldn’t think of a better time for this momentous occasion. Tickets for this event start at a very reasonable $30 and $40 for the ladies and gentlemen and can be purchased by [CLICKING HERE]. VIP is also available by calling 305-479-4426. Party starts at 11pm and goes until 5am. Proper dress is required (especially for the gentlemen) so dress to impress. So the only thing we have left to say is…Hey baby what’s that sound?