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Lil Jon is unequivocally the King of Crunk. He solidified his role in the hip-hop sub genre many many years ago. But many people fail to realize that Lil Jon’s talent transcends the hip-hop genre. It bleeds, and it bleeds into many other genres of music, specifically house music, which seems to be an even more perfect match for the King of Crunk than hip-hop was. Why? Because it allows him to showcase musical abilities, his producing skills and still incorporate that hip-hop aura he has always had. Case in point – take Steve Aoki and Laidback Lukes hit “Turbulence” that featured Lil Jon. The three talents blended seamlessly, like they were made specifically for that one track. Lil Jon is one hell of a hype man, that’s undeniable – and house music is extremely high energy, which plays right into Lil Jon’s favor. The style and lyrics he provided on “Turbulence” was eerily reminiscent of his ‘Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’ days and we must say, we’re glad to see he hasn’t lost it.

Another thing many people don’t realize is that Lil Jon is a huge house music fan. So much so that in fact, he DJ’s. His style is comprised of trap, house, hip-hop and mashup so he literally has something for everyone. And now you have the chance to see him play on Friday, August 9th at LIV Nightclub. The party starts at 11pm and goes until 5am. Tickets start at just $40 for the ladies and $75 for the gentlemen and can be purchased by [CLICKING HERE]. For VIP table reservations, call 305-674-4680.


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